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All historic dates when a company reported earnings to the SEC (Forms 10-k and 10-Q).
Includes over 8,600 companies going back to 1994. See the list here.
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                Filing Date,Form,Description
2021-07-28,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2021-04-29,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2021-02-09,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2020-11-20,10-K,Annual Report
2020-07-29,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2020-05-04,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2020-02-05,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2019-11-15,10-K,Annual Report
2019-07-26,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2019-04-29,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2019-01-30,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2018-11-16,10-K,Annual Report
2018-08-01,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2018-05-04,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2018-02-02,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2017-11-22,10-K,Annual Report
2017-08-04,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2017-05-05,10-Q,Quarterly Report
2017-02-03,10-Q,Quarterly Report
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Excel view of csv values
Alcoa Corporation. Symbol: AA Download AA.csv

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